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Coastal Legal Services' easy process has a proven track record for helping South Carolina residents through the divorce process. Our process provides clear, step-by-step instructions to finalize and file divorce forms, and our process is 100% guaranteed. All that is required from our clients is the information about their situation, their spouse, and the marriage. After our specialists receive this information, they will draft the required divorce papers and then send the forms to the client to file at their local courthouse.

Attorney’s fees can cause financial obstacles even before the divorce proceedings begin. In certain scenarios, attorneys are absolutely required. But a couple seeking an uncontested, amicable divorce can easily bypass the costly attorney route with our online divorce forms service. If a couple can decide to collaboratively settle their terms of their divorce, Coastal Legal Services' service can cut out expensive attorney fees and long drawn out battles.

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Our divorce services are designed to help anyone obtain a simple, uncontested or no fault divorce in South Carolina. Whether or not you own property or have children, the $149.00 case processing fee is your cost for a complete divorce preparation and form completion service (court costs may apply). Our pricing is the same no matter what county you live in or what your situation is.

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Submitting accurately completed, court-approved divorce forms is essential to going through the divorce process as smoothly as possible. But how can one be sure they have correctly completed all of the required forms? At Coastal Legal Services, we provide all the legal completed divorce papers and information needed to  file your divorce papers as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

The specific requirements for filling out your own divorce forms can leave a lot of room for error, questions, and uncertainty. Coastal Legal Services provides clients with all the information necessary to take control of their divorce process. The legal system and the many legal complexities easily overwhelm those seeking a divorce.

Coastal Legal Services takes the inconvenience and guesswork out of obtaining the legal divorce forms needed to start the divorce process. Going through a divorce is stressful enough, but we can alleviate some of the uncertainty and anxiety.